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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Difference between “Percy Jackson and the lightning thief” book and movie

1. In the movie, only Zeus’s lightning bolt was stolen but in the book, both Zeus’s lightning bolt and Hades’s helmet of darkness was stolen.

2. In the movie, during the flag-capturing event, Luke led the Blue Team while Annabeth was in the Red Team, but in the book, Luke and Annabeth were in the same team.

3. In the movie, Percy fought with Annabeth for the red flag and he captured the red flag but in the book, Percy fought Clarisse and her friends and Luke and Annabeth captured the red flag.

4. In the movie, after the flag-capturing event, Hades came in the form of a fire demon and wanted to trade Percy’s mother with Zeus’s lightning bolt. But in the book, a hellhound appeared and charged at Percy.

5. . In the movie, Percy, Annabeth and Grover set out secretly to search for Zeus’s lightning bolt but in the book, Percy got permission from Chiron to search for the lightning bolt.

6. In the movie, Percy, Annabeth and Grover went to see Luke before taking off and Luke gave them his favorite shield, a map to find three pearls which would enable them to teleport out of the underworld and a pair of flying shoes. But in the book, Luke rushed to them before they took off and gave them only a pair of flying shoes.

7. In the movie, Percy and his two friends were rowed to Hades Palace by one of Hades “workers” with no one else but in the book, the boat was packed with spirits and they passed many places of the Underworld before reaching Hades Palace.

8. In the book, Percy’s mother was left behind in the underworld but in the movie, Grover volunteered to stay behind.

9. In the movie, Percy fought with Luke in at the empire state building but in the book, Percy fought him in the forest in Half-blood camp.

10. The movie ended with Percy and Annabeth training but in the book, it ended with Percy packing his bags and returning home.

I like the book more than the movie and would like to recommend it as it is longer than the movie. The book is also more exciting and thrilling to read as it contained more characters and information. I like chapter 20(I battle my Jerk Relative). The passage in this chapter I liked most is the one about Percy Jackson battling Ares, a god/immortal! He knew that immortals can't be destroyed, but he still fought Ares. From the title of this chapter, I like it already as I sensed how brave Percy Jackson really was, to call his relative (a god) jerk! He knew that he had little chances of winning, but he still challenged Ares. The fate of the whole world burdened his shoulders and he still could somehow "defeat" Ares using clever tactics! This also shows that his ADHD is helpful! That’s why I like this passage. (149 words)

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